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Sri Lanka is one of the top places for bird watching in the world. The ideal climate of the island combined with the many number of bird sanctuaries and reserves makes Sri Lanka a paradise for birds. If you are particular about birds then birdwatching in Sri Lanka will be a heavenly experience for you.

Usually, the resident species of birds can be found at any time during the year whereas many species of migrant birds such as cuckoos, thrushes and harriers can be observed around mid August. Therefore, it’s important to schedule your tour appropriately in order to make sure you catch a glimpse of as many interesting species of birds as possible. Explore the exquisite world of birds in their natural habitats in these renowned sanctuaries.
Knuckles Range: Over 120 species of birds can be found in this mountain range located in Kandy.
Horton Plains: This is the only national sanctuary located in the hill country and is home to all six varieties of highland endemic birds.
Adam’s Peak: Mountain endemic birds such as Dull Bull Flycatchers and Yellow Eared Bulbuls can be found in this sanctuary which is also the fourth tallest mountain in Sri Lanka.
Yala National Park: This reserve comprises of lagoons, water holes and other habitats that attract birds of prey such as White bellied Sea Eagle and Painted Storks.
Wasgamuwa National Park: Sri Lanka Jungle Fowl, Spur Fowl and Wooly Necked Stork are among the 100 species of birds found in the park.
Buduruwagala: this reserve boasts of rich bio diversity and is a favourite among wildlife enthusiasts.
Sorabora Lake: This reservoir is the best place to observe nocturnal birds.
Udawattakele Forest Reserve: This reserve is home to a variety of common species of birds. Some of the endemic birds in the forest are Sri Lanka Hanging Parrot, Sri Lanka Gray Hornbill and Sri Lanka wood Pigeon.
Kumana National Park: This sanctuary is one of the most prominent bird nesting grounds in Sri Lanka with a record of over 255 species of birds