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Situated in the North Western Province 4km away from the town and railway station, the rock fortress of Yapahuwa, a splendid testament left behind from the 13th century. Atop a hill that climbs 200 metres high, the climb highlights masonry of ornate and exquisite nature. From the rock lions to the carved rock that deck the steps, the arch on the top is a welcoming sight. The seat of government in the 13th century, Subhaabbota ruled the military from the Yapahuwa fortress. With vistas until the eyes can see, it is the best vantage point to check oncoming troupes, which was what was done. When the Sacred Tooth Relic arrived from Dambadeniya, it was placed

at Yapahuwa. A secure rock fortress, it is said to have two sets of moats, and in the midst of the inner and outer ramparts lay the city. When you are here, a visit to the Yapahuwa Temple is a must.