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To preserve nature and its members is what we are supposed to do, being the most intelligent species dwelling on the earth. Udawalawe is one such attempt made by Sri Lankan authoritative figures to protect the catchment of the reservoir. It has become the 3rd most visited National Park of Sri Lanka due to the Udawalawe reservoir on the Walawe River, which emits an undeniable force of attraction that is

particularly stronger to elephants. The attraction has enchanted a herd of roughly 250 permanent elephant residents in the total 30,821 hectares of Udawalawe National Park. While Elephants become the favourites on the land, you will also see The Rusty-spotted cat, fishing cat and Sri Lankan leopard, Sri Lankan sloth bear, Sri Lankan Sambar deer, Sri Lankan axis deer, Indian Muntjac, Sri Lankan spotted chevrotain, wild boar and water buffalo and many others.
While the land of Udawalawe entertains many species, it has become a significant environment for water birds and elephants that has dearly embraced the geography.