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The city of Kandy is a blessed location, due to the glorious presence of the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha. The edifice that houses the sacred relic is what we call Sri Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of the Tooth Relic). The temple was built within the royal palace complex at the time when the royal blood of Sri Lanka was governing the country.
The most fascinating part about this treasure is that, it is the only

surviving relic of Lord Buddha, which is embraced by Buddhists. The decision for keeping the relic in Sri Lankan soil was taken after the bold statement by Lord Buddha declaring that Sri Lanka will be the nation where Buddhism will be safe for 5000 years.

The relic was not only a focal point of Buddhist veneration, but it also played a major role in the local politics since ancient times, due to the belief that whoever holds the relic, holds the authority of the country, which became the reason for many Sri Lankan royals to build temples for tooth relic with prime security… Once they were lucky enough to conquer it.