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The national park is situated 245 kilometres (152 mi) southeast of Colombo.As one of the biodiversity hot spots in Sri Lanka, Bundala National Park is the first Ramsar site that is spread in an area of 6,218ha. The unique and complex wetland system attracts the wintering birds that fly to escape the freezing climate and to rest their weather beaten bodies. Hence Bundala is the ideal grounds to observe the colourful migratory and local air dominators, out of which greater flamingo takes the hotspot. Bundala is also one of 3 wetlands in the island so if you’re lucky enough, you will get a chance to behold a salt water crocodile or a deer. The national park is surrounded by five lagoons namely, Bundala lagoon, Embilikala lagoon, Malala lagoon, Koholankala lagoon and the Mahalewaya lagoon. It has a total of 383 plant species.