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Situated on the southwestern tip, 119 km from Colombo. Galle is the administrative capital of Southern Province, The Boxing Day Tsunami in the year 2004 could not wash away the beauty of the 4th largest city of Sri Lanka, which gives room for approximately 100 000 people to live, enjoy and spend time with their loved ones. This romantic city is famous for a not so romantic reason, which is that Galle City has become one of the best examples for a fortified

city built by the Europeans, in the whole of South and Southeast Asia. Since Galle city hosts the largest remaining European fortress in Asia, the city has been selected as an entry that should definitely go under the list of UNESCO World heritage sites.

Apart from that, Galle is sprinkled with high-flying landmarks such as the natural harbour, the National Maritime Museum, St. Mary’s Cathedral founded by Jesuit priests and one of the main Shiva temples on the island etc..