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Katharagama is a known place of worship for Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims alike, nestled in the southern regions of Sri Lanka; it is flocked by pilgrims all year round, offering prayers and worship. The Kirivehera being the main attraction of this quaint religious town for Buddhists, the Katharagama Temple and Sella Katharagama also beckon forth many pilgrims to visit on a yearly basis. Coming alive in July and August, the area brims with life as the festivals and processions take to the streets, with majestic pachyderms, fire walkers, dancers and much more. For those who want an extended vacation in the area after your pilgrimage,

you can visit the Yala National Park for a wilderness safari and spot the many fauna and foliage of the area. Katharagama, “The Faraway Abode” is ideal for those seeking a slice of peace and relaxation