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Adam’s peak is a holistic destination, which draws people from four main faiths to worship the foot print placed on the summit, and to behold the glorious sunrise which is iconic. Locally known as “Sripada”; which is translated to “Sacred foot” in English, each of the faiths believe it’s due to a connection to their religion.

Buddhists accept as true, that it is the foot print of Lord Buddha who has placed it during his 3rd visit to Sri Lanka. Hindus believe it is the print of God Shiva, and Muslims believe it to be the mark of Adam when he was expelled from Garden of Eden. Christians too share the same belief with Muslims but also give various views on the print by stating it is St. Thomas’s. Apart from various explanations and beliefs, the truly miraculous feat about Adam’s peak is that all four religions harmoniously ascend this breathtaking summit, achieving a greater miracle than the rest